Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Target Dress Edit

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for a deal.  And by that I don't mean cheap stuff.  I mean a DEAL.  Like a "check out this awesome dress I got!  It was only FIVE BUCKS."  That's a deal.  In fact, the larger the gap between the value of the item and the cost, the more giddy I become.

So imagine my excitement when I rounded the corner at Target and saw racks upon racks with signs saying "Everything on this rack = $5".  Those are the deals I can't pass up.

Even when I find a dress in a size too big.  I figure - "I can at least try to resize that, it's only $5 if it doesn't work out."  AmIright?

So here's the before.  A size large, when likely a small or at least a medium would do.

Since the shape of the dress was so simple, I really just did a straight stitch up the arm and down each side.  I tried it on inside out and eyeballed how much I should take in.  Yes, eyeball is a technical term in my world.  The bottom line is this - give it a shot.  In this creative space you take a little risk and hope for the best.  Just take your risks on $5 items and it's a little less scary.  And with sewing, how bad can it be?  If you don't cut anything, you can always take out the seams and start again (annoying, but possible).

Here's the after!  (Slimmer, tighter sleeves, and my happy face)

Happy editing!

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