Friday, January 10, 2014

New Couch!

Oh, the living room.  Perhaps I haven't shown a true before photo, so here you go.  This is the day we painted, so everything is pushed to the centre.  

Aaaand after painting - Network Gray by Sherwin Williams.  I love the colour, and in person it felt more "put together" than this photo really shows.  However, the main issue was seating.  The couch could hold up to 4 people, but in reality who wants to watch a movie shoulder-shoulder?  And those armchairs are beautiful but not those most comfortable for movie-watching either.  And maybe it's a small thing, but I was always annoyed that the outlet under the window could be seen with the cords to the lamp.  But the room is really long, so it's a bit awkward to have the couch pushed all the way against the far wall (plus then where would we put the piano?)  And so we finally took the plunge to....


It feels so much better in this space.  The long end under the window, and still space to sit directly facing the TV.  What I love most is that it makes the room so much more comfortable.  I can lay down and stretch out on the long side with inches to spare!  And 3-4 people can easily sit on it and not feel crowded + actually be facing each other.  

One note of caution - we've had issues because the sectional is 2 pieces, and they weren't connected together very well.  Since the short side isn't against a wall, when you sit down on it the couch shifts backwards and pulls away from the other part.  The fastener wasn't well designed and so currently the couch isn't even put together at all.  Still trying to decide what to do about a word of caution to ask about it when you purchase!

Plus a few bonus pictures of some Christmas decor, just because:
(That "Joyous Noel" is actually a box of records on a plate stand!)

(Our Honeymoon Ornament - pics from Greece if you missed them!)

(The 2 front frames are just filled with wrapping paper from Target - and the reindeer I traced from a Google image and cut out myself.)

So that's the new couch!

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