Monday, March 19, 2012

Embracing Colour: Fuchsia & Aquamarine

Here's another pretty colour combo I would love to try!  I especially love the tablescape with the gold details...

1. cardigan and sweater
2. tablescape
3. shirt/skirt
4. party decor
5. home decor

Friday, March 16, 2012

Embracing Colour: Pink & Orange

Do bright colours make anyone else a little nervous?  I absolutely love colour and would not want to live in a world without it - but this crazy thing happens in my mind when I see something I like in a bright colour.  It's like a battle between my left and right brain.  My right brain is all about the vibrant, go-get-em, boldness of everything bright.  But it doesn't take long for my practical, you-can't-pull-that-off, downer of a left brain to kick in.  What's up with that??  Part of the problem is that I don't pay attention to what crazy colour combinations work well together, so I tend to stick to one at a time.  

Until recently, when I bought this $10 shirt from Garage Clothing Co...

There were other colour options that were more "safe", and easier for ol' left brain to swallow.  But you only live once right!  So I took the plunge into the pink/orange-ness of it all.  (Side note: My sister was there and pep-talked me through it - she wouldn't steer me wrong)  I'm really glad I did, and now I'm caught up admiring all the other bright colour combos out there!  I've decided to dedicate my next few posts to random inspiring combos that work - in fashion, at home, anywhere; from crazy and bold to simple and subtle.

Here's to throwing caution to the wind and embracing all the bright, vibrant colours the world has to offer!

1. Striped Dress by H&M 
2. Couch and Pillows
3. Pink Skirt, Orange shoes
4. Decorative Pillows
5. Macarons
6. Balloons

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes.

Here's my dessert for "Guess Who's Bringing Dessert?"!  Chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling and topped with raspberry cream cheese icing - DELICIOUS. I honestly loved them because they were super light, not too heavy/sweet.  Just right enough that I could have eaten multiple (or is that a bad thing?)  I love the rich, butter based icings as well - but after one bite of those my head gets swirly.  Not with these super moist cupcakes and extra light (but still sturdy!) icing.  I just used the Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix, and dug out a little hole in each one.  I spoon-filled them with raspberry filling (ED Smith).  Then, I used this recipe for the icing.  I added 2 tablespoons of raspberry filling for some extra flavour (and to use up more filling - and I still have more left over!  Gotta get creative...)

I don't have an official set of icing tips - but I managed to find one of my mom's old ones and I stuck it in the corner of a freezer bag - worked like a charm!  I probably should have used raspberries as a garnish, but I had fresh strawberries so I couldn't resist using them. I'd love to know if you give them a try!


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