Friday, January 17, 2014

Embroidery - the comeback kid!

I've always thought of embroidery as something my great-grandmother did (in fact I have the most beautiful quilt made by her, all with handmade embroidery!), but it's totally making a comeback in a fresh way.  My aunt owns an embroidery machine, and mostly does jerseys for sports teams and company logos on hats - but these designs are so inspiring, I might have to make a date with her to design something of my own... (because I'll be honest the chances of me doing something like this by hand is slim - I so admire those who have the patience!)

Everything from home decor, to fashion, to art - I love seeing how people use this art form in a modern way:

Bicycle Pillow

Flamingo Pillow

Short Skirt

Tunic Shirt

Crescent Necklace

Ellery Top

Anthropologie Dress

Peplum Dress

Cute wall hanging

Canvas Art

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