Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DIY Painting

A looong time ago I posted this picture of a huge frame that I filled with canvas and was planning to paint:

And it sat unpainted for longer than I care to admit.  But I finally did it!  It may look like I'm a skilled artist, but I promise it was so simple.  I literally borrowed some paints from my artist friend Tory (thank you!!) and decided on colours that I thought would work.  I started with the darkest purple colour, painted a stripe, then added more white paint and did the next stripe.  Then I switched to the teals - mixed the first colour, painted a stripe and added white paint for the next stripe.  I didn't have a full palette of colours, I just added white to make one shade lighter and lighter.  I left space for the yellow because I wanted to add just 1 other bright colour.  I love how it turned out!  We keep changing things around next to the piano, not quite sure how to fill the space on the sides without cluttering things up....

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Fashion Wishlist

When I was buying clothes as a teen my motto was "the cheaper the better".  And now that look back, there are only a handful of clothes that I still actually (a) like, (b) fit or (c) are in good condition.  But now that I'm getting a bit older I'm realizing the value of investing in certain pieces that will actually last me longer than 1 year.  Still, it's hard to pull away from my 15 year old mentality and actually discipline myself to save up for something that's really worthwhile.  And let's be honest, it's still gotta be on sale because I love a deal.  

Here's what I'm saving for:

A classy coat like one of these

These Toms Desert Wedges:

Here's what I'd buy for a really great deal (read: cheap)

A floral blazer

A fun printed t-shirt

Something camo, like this comfy dress

And here's what I'd make myself:

A cross front dress in a bright colour (I already have a pattern!)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Coffee/Tea Station

Remember this picture?

This was taken just after our Kitchen Cupboard Makeover.  The table on the right still looks exactly the same (I have big plans for another makeover on that), BUT the wall behind has been filled up and it's just as I envisioned it.

Here's an in between shot:

These are 2 Akurum cabinets from Ikea (over the fridge cabinets with Applad doors), mounted next to each other.  The only annoying this is that we put BOTH wood backs in backwards!  They are supposed to be white, not wood when you see inside.  But we didn't notice until the little nails were all nicely tacked down - but then I decided it was actually a good things, because I thought they would look better painted.  And I think I was right :)

Here they are with the doors on, and with a solid wood plank on top.  We had a carpenter friend find us a nice piece and we stained it.  (Also, notice that we switched out the big chandelier for 2 globe lights.  I love how these fit above the table, not taking up quite so much headspace)

But it wasn't quite right yet.  We had an Ikea floating shelf that I thought would fit well above the floating sideboard.  I got some Pinterest inspiration and decided that it should be hung quite high - and I love how it finishes the look.

Here's the full view now (please ignore the terrible table/chairs that still don't match anything yet...)

To be done in this space:
- Makeover the table and chairs (I've got fabric and everything else I need...just gotta find the time.)
- Add a jute rug under the table?
- Add 2 bright bar stools

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Hey all - I thought it was finally time for a little update on our new place!  Lots has changed and will continue to change but we're getting there.  First up on - our new headboard.  It's definitely an idea that you can find on Pinterest - three 6' wood boards, stained and mounted on the wall.  We cut two 2x4's and drilled them into the backs, then drilled those boards to the wall so that you can't see the screws anywhere.  Here are a few pictures!

Here it is before the headboard, looking a bit blank:

We have a plan to fill out the space next to this print with something colourful - hopefully soon!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Kitchen Makeover!

So our kitchen cupboard makeover is complete!  We took all the doors off, sanded them down, and used our electric spray gun to paint them.  (That's the simple version of the story...)  It took most of the weekend.  It wasn't that difficult, but definitely time consuming!  And as with any project we hit many moments where we thought it would never end.  But it did, and I'm so happy with the result!

I have a slight obsession with white, especially white kitchens.  I love how much brighter everything feels!



And here's a full shot of the kitchen area - that table was a Kijiji find.  Can't wait to re-upholster/re-stain it very soon...


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