Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's all in the details.

Well friends, it's been a while...sorry 'bout that.  But with less than 2 months to the big day, what do you expect?  I have a million blog worthy things to share - and I want to share them - but my desire to keep some surprises stops me from posting every last detail.  Having said that, I have a couple photos for you!  I apologize for the TERRIBLE quality - they're taken with an iphone 3 with a dead backlight (long story), but I think you get the idea.  

The first is of 2 identical pieces of luggage that Kaitlin (see her blog here) found for $4 each at the VV - love them!  She's a thrifter extraordinaire.  You can't tell, but they are the perfect shade of blue to match our wedding colours + they have the cutest pattern inside.  I'm using these for people to put cards in at our reception.  One of my favourite details - so glad Kaitlin found these!

My absolute favourite detail involves this ladder I found at an antique store in St. Jacob's...I set it up in our master bedroom (ie. wedding central!) just because it inspires me.  

Still on the lookout for old rain/wine barrels, if anyone has any leads...!


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