Thursday, December 23, 2010

all wrapped up.

Now that you're finished your Christmas gift buying (hopefully!), it's time to wrap them up! This part makes me excited because I start to imagine the look on people's faces when they open up their gift. Plus, it's another opportunity to get creative. If you're looking for inspiration - here's a few ideas!

Find 3 kinds of paper with the same colour, but coordinating patterns. I chose plain brown shipping paper and red/off white patterned papers.

Sometimes the best isn't the most obvious or expensive. Why not use a roll of twine for $1 instead of fancy shiny ribbon? It fits with the look, and goes alot further too. I added a little pinecone that I had leftover to one of these gifts.

I was inspired by the Sound of Music - the "brown paper packages, tied up with strings".

I jazzed up this plain brown bag with a strip of gift wrap down the middle. I also added some leftover decor berries to this one. This gift was the hardest to wrap at first, but I kept adding more details - now it's my favourite!

Ta-Da!! Happy wrapping! I hope you find more joy in giving this year, than ever before :)

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