Monday, December 6, 2010

Decorating for Christmas!

As a first time home owner, I'm sooooo excited about decorating :) Here's a few things I did for Christmas (for very little $$)...

There's nothing like a real garland wrapped in lights. This is the extra that Bryce's dad had after he finished his own garage. We even had enough to double it up! The lights are borrowed as well :)

Homemade window boxes. The boxes were 6.99 at Belgian Nursery, and I got a bunch of spruce? (sorry, I don't know my trees very well...) for 6.99 as well. The little berries were half price at Michael's. So for 2 window boxes (I have one on the other side of the door as well), I think I spent $25? Maybe not even. Oh, and the twigs are from a tree on our yard.

That 6.99 bit of evergreen stuff went a long way...I even got a (wreath? what do you call this?) out of it as well! And I attached this stick/pinecone/straw thing from Dollarama to it with a piece of wire. Added a few more dollarama berries to the top. It's just hanging by a piece of wire to a door wreath holder.

I also had some trimmings from the garland + more evergreen stuff (I told you it went a long way!) + some left over from the Divine Dessert night that Bryce brought home for me = centrepiece. I just laid little pieces on a dinner plate, got a few tealights for the centre, and a few more of those dollarama berries. My table is the same width as a roll of wrapping paper, so I cut a piece of polka dotted paper, and laid it on top, then I cut a runner-width out of the other paper. This is my favourite :)


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