Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dining Table Makeover

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Remember how I posted about our Dining Chair Makeover?  I thought it was about time I updated with a few photos of our table as well.

Just as a reminder, here's what it looked like when we bought it:

And here it is with the chairs painted and reupholstered:

Not bad!  I didn't mind the oak colour of the table, not really.  But we both really loved the idea of a darker wood, so we decided to strip and re-stain it.  The legs of the table came off easily, and we sanded them down and sprayed them white.  Honestly, it was less daunting/time consuming to paint them instead of stripping and staining.  Plus, I had seen the two tone look around and was inspired to give it a try.

Then, we sanded the top right down to the bare wood.

Then we got to work staining it, which was a patient process.  Here it is after the first coat:

After the first couple of coats of stain, we were getting near the bottom of the can and the stain was getting thicker.  We really should have been more diligent about stirring, because we ended up with one WAY TOO THICK coat and the table was nearly black - plus streaky and sticky.  TERRIBLE.  Thankfully, we were able to sand it off without going straight down to the bare wood again.  But it was a frustrating setback and a lesson learned to STIR as you go!

Here it is before the varnish!

And inside, getting varnished!  This part was fairly straight forward.  We chose a satin varnish, which is just glossy enough to wipe off well, but not super shiny.  This took a number of coats as well, with light sanding in between.

And voila!  All done :)

Here it is today!  The stain and varnish has held up VERY well, as well as the white paint.  A couple of the chair seats have some pulls in the fabric but other than that, the fabric is in great shape as well! Soon we'll have a baby booster on one of the chairs, so that's subject to change :)

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