Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cards on Etsy!

I can remember when Hallmark had a store in my hometown, and my mom would take my sister and I there.  We spent what felt like HOURS in that store, my mom reading through each card to pick exactly the right one.  I liked to read through all the funny ones, get embarrassed when I accidentally opened a loud musical one, and try to re-match the proper cards & envelopes in their correct holders.

I still love looking at cards and admiring the clever, creative designs.  But I'll admit, the $5 price tag these days is way too steep for me.  I would much rather a) put that $ into the gift I'm giving with the card and b) write my own message inside the card.  I'm assuming I'm not alone!

So I've started my own Etsy shop called Creative Space Designs.  So far my best sales are from simple birthday cards.  Here's how it works:

- For $2.95, you can buy a downloadable card.  Some of the cards even come with 4 different colour options, and a black and white version that is great for kids (or adults!) to colour and personalize.
- Once you purchase it, a PDF is instantly available for you to download and print.
- The cards are designed to be 2 to a page, and they are for 8.5x11" card stock (or regular paper if you prefer).
- Once you print it out, you just trim it in half and fold it.  
- The inside is blank so you can write whatever you want!
- The best part is, YOU CAN PRINT AS MANY AS YOU NEED so you should never be stuck without a card :)

Thanks for checking it out!  And if you have any requests for new designs, send them my way!

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