Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kitchen Cupboard Makeover

My first big home DIY project is completed!  I've been wanting to re-do these kitchen cabinets since I moved in last October, and decided to finally get moving on the project before putting all of our lovely new wedding gifts away.  We pulled off all of the cabinets, carted them to my dad's shop, and he sprayed them with his handy pressure sprayer.  Then we put them all back on and shopped around (by that I mean headed to Home Depot), and found some new handles.  While the cabinets were off, my good friend Tory repainted the walls to a nice grey (I'm not a huge fan of beige).  And voila!  I'll estimate this makeover cost about $120 + time.  And I love it!




  1. What?! You covered up all that gorgeous honey coloured oak? ;) So many people want to make over their kitchen, but you actually went ahead and DID it. Way to go – looks awesome!!!

  2. Good job Heidi Jane! That really freshens things up. Aunt Sue



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