Thursday, September 9, 2010

My newest old chair.

Finally done the chair I started re-covering 6 months ago! Well, almost. All that's left are the tufting buttons and the wooden dowels I seem to have misplaced (oops), so don't mind the golf tees that are holding the whole thing up. But still! I covered the cushions first, then I decided to redo the canvas part as well. The only original part are the wooden legs and the rope. Thanks to my Aunt Donna (who's brilliant!) it's done! She helped me take the gross brown canvas apart to use it as the pattern for putting together the blue canvas. So smart. Took a bunch of figuring out, and a couple machine issues, but we did it! I'm still thinking I might paint the legs or something...maybe re-stain them? I'm not a huge fan of the light wood, but I don't know yet... Comment with your thoughts/suggestions!

Here's a few photos for you...

Remember this?

Then this...

Now this!


  1. This rocks, Heidi. Never seen your blog before, but I love it. Great idea!

  2. BIG FAN!!!! I love seeing old things refreshed and turned into a piece of art that is just for you. I would totally do something with the wood part. It would make the whole chair look completely brand new. If you are willing to take the time... I would stain it a darker colour. If not.. paint it. I paint everything...LOL. I love the fresh look.

  3. looks great Heidi!! I agree making the legs look new would be a good idea. I think that I would pick a dark stain over paint though.



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