Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guest Blog: Jenni Wagler!

Jenni and I were working together at the restaurant this summer, and she mentioned she had a cool DIY project - picture blocks - and I told her to send me a pic and I would make her a guest blogger... so here it is! Love this cute idea, especially good for a personalized gift. Here's what Jenni says:

"I love making these photo blocks for gifts. This is the second "batch" I've made. It is a pretty inexpensive gift, but fun to make, a good conversation piece, and they stay in good condition for a long time. These blocks are 3" x 3" (made with my friend's dad's scrap wood) and covered with misc. leftover scrapbooking paper. The photos are wallet size (printed at Zehr's with the corners rounded by ME!). I use Mod-Podge (from Michael's) and sponges to glue the scrapbooking paper and photos on to the blocks. After letting the glue on the back of the photos dry over night, I totally coated all sides of the block with Mod-Podge. This makes the blocks waterproof and keeps the photos safe from scratches. Virtually indestructible (maybe). :) Simple, fun, and cute!"

Thanks for taking me up on the offer to guest blog Jenni!! All the best in Ohio!

1 comment:

  1. This entire blog is wonderful. I just read all of your posts. Keep it up! (I especially liked the picture frame ideas and really want to incorporate those into my house)



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