Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Side Yard

Behold the disaster zone...

Our side flower bed had been neglected all summer - and by neglected I mean 4' thorny trees weeds had overtaken it.  So this past weekend (while we were getting carpet replaced - pics to come!), I got up close and personal with those weeds.  The short version is this: we cleared them out, dug out the black edging tube, realigned a few bushes and laid the weed block fabric.  (Read: lots of work, sweat, and sore muscles.)  We decided it would look good to have a row of stones along the wall, and cover the rest with mulch.  I'm so proud of how it looks now!  And also happy that it's relatively low-maintenance...  Every time we pull into the driveway, I sneak around to admire it.  Here's the after!

1 comment:

  1. amazing! OK, now I am thinking my gardens will be jealous. No green thumbs here, but maybe I can do a little bit of a change. Just some TLC right? Thanks for the inspiration!



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