Friday, June 20, 2014

Fabric Crib Rails

Recently my cousin-in-law Becky asked me if I had time for a sewing project - her almost 1 year old son had been chewing the paint off the rails of his crib and she needed a solution.  She had done some research on crib rail guards and saw some fabric ones that she really liked.  She could order them online, but they would end up being too pricey.  I thought it seemed simple enough to make them, and for once I was right!  I turned out these 3 in a couple of hours.  

All you need is fabric, quilt batting, ribbon/binding, and some of course some thread.  The fabric Becky liked was $15/yard, so we saved some money by using a basic solid on the underside.  

First measure the length and width of fabric you need.  Our longest piece was just over 50", and the width was 12".   Add some extra for seam allowance (I added 1" all the way around).  Cut out a rectangle in those dimensions - you should have 3 pieces, the top fabric, the quilt batting, and the bottom fabric.

I used a seam binding in the same colour for the ties (I sewed them shut before I cut them).  You need 4 ties for each crib guard, and you just need to make sure they are long enough to tie around the rails (Ours were 5" long).

Lay down the bottom fabric (right side up), then lay the top fabric on it (right side down).  Sandwich your tie in between, lining it up along the edge.  Repeat on the other edge of the fabric.  Then repeat at the other end of the crib guard.  Then put the quilt batting on the very top.

Here you can faintly see through the fabric where the ties are positioned, one on each side.

Here you can see the pieces as a sandwich after I have sewed all the way around the outside edge, leaving one end open.  It should look like a pillow case.  Turn it right side out!

Here are 2 of the short pieces already turned inside out.  Now you just need to hem the open end - turn the edges inside by 1/2" and pin.  Sew the edges shut and you're done!

All done!

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