Monday, May 28, 2012

garden makeover.

This weekend was packed full!  I worked my final shift as a restaurant server - my longest running job to date (7 years!)  I'll miss everyone, but I'm excited to have my Saturdays free for more projects like this....

We decided to yank out the 4 huge bushes in our tiny front garden, and start over.  I was nervous/excited about the thought of a total overhaul, and in the end I'm so glad we went for it!

Here's the before:

And after!

I was covered in dirt, but totally satisfied!  I planted a boxwood, another shrub (the green one on the left...I can't remember the name), 3 hosts, 10 geraniums (coral & pink), and some petunias that were on sale and matched perfectly.  All in a (long) days work!

I love that it's so much more colourful, open, and inviting!  I also planted a couple of window boxes that I got on sale.  And I purchased a little cilantro plant!  I'm so excited about the delicious thai dishes I have lined up to use it in.  Any suggestions?

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