Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Gift Wrapping!

I recently had an opportunity to do a little presentation on how to wrap your Christmas gifts for the Divine Dessert Night at my church.  I thought I'd give a little summary here of the ideas I shared.  Of course, the ideas are not my own (although the wrapping job is) - bet you can't guess where I went for ideas!  (Pinterest of course!)  

It's not too hard to add a little extra love to your wrapping this year!  

Tier it up with pretty paper:

Pick one print and use it everywhere (see how I did this for my gifts last year):

Use nature - pine cones, cedar branches, cranberries (or cinnamon sticks!):

Just go crazy with the curly ribbon (note: shipping paper is the most inexpensive way to wrap, and easy to accessorize!  Plus, most shipping paper rolls have double the amount of paper as a regular roll of gift wrap):

Paper snowflakes (hint: iron it out on low to make it nice and smooth!):

Leftover lace/tulle:

For smaller gifts - old sheet music!  (and if you can't bear to rip out a page, photocopy it!):

Eco-Chic magazine wrap with matching bow:

I received lots of comments on this one!  Cut paint chips into shapes as gift tags (bonus: it's free!):

Make yarn pom poms (you can find lots of tutorials online if you search around - so simple!):

So there you go!  Happy wrapping :)

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