Monday, July 19, 2010


Guess what blog-friends, I'm getting married!! Yay!!! I'm sure I couldn't have found a better guy for me, and I'm totally overwhelmed by how loved and blessed I am. The proposal was amazing, the ring is beautiful, and now begins a year of planning for a great wedding day, and and even better marriage. After months of gathering wedding ideas from tons of blogs, I finally get to put them all to use for my own special day! Here's a few pics from the day he popped the question...

The view from the Dorset tower:

In our new jerseys!

Enjoying our first paddleboat ride, engaged!


Family came all the way up north for dinner - I had no idea!


  1. Gah!!!!!!! :) I'm still sooo friggin' excited and I've known for 2 weeks! haha!

  2. Each time I remember you're engaged I do a funny little dance and get all giddy!!! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

  3. awesome pics - good looking couple - love the matching jerseys.



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